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As a member of FPSB India, I Serve as Certified Financial Planner in my profession. I'm also associated with Indian Investor governance committee as a followed institutional member in an investor’s research institute. He is an Economist and Accountant & In his field of this Financial reporting and planning, he is a famous
economic Strategy maker. He is a leader in functional, operational & purifying model syncomizer of purifying black money, corruption and economic scams from the Indian economy and base market.
In his Studies and Professional Qualification, Amit Dua is a dropped out chartered accountant student and while that period, he obtains his C.F.P. Degree & his Graduation with Approximate three years (5 years) Experience under Advocates And Chartered Accountant firms in His city. He is Follower of his idol Mr. Mohan Dass Karamchand Gandhi and willfully supports all acts against corruption. As contributing articles to the several books and Journals that promotes and inspire the public to simulate the challenges against corruption And Black Money. Amit Dua while contributing this book described his expectations to purify the Indian Economy from Corruption And black money, So that Indian economy comes up from the Economic problems of non-implimentation of FISCAL Policies and improper Money supply to public. Here, Amit Dua point out his intention to encourages the payment of relevant taxes & comply proper conduct to abolish black money from the Indian economy.

Advocate CFP Amit Dua ( CEO )